“My Vagina is Already Vijazzled Enough”

A woman’s appearance shouldn’t determine her worth in society but apparently it does and that’s the first thing that people notice. This speech is empowering and definitely resonates. We place more value on a woman’s beauty than on her knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and choices. I hope this is enlightening and empowering for all of you … More “My Vagina is Already Vijazzled Enough”

Fathers Not Getting Custody?

“Can I just debunk this fallacy once and for all by stating that fathers that actually SEEK CUSTODY of children get it 50 percent of the time? http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/11/17/more-fathers-getting-custody-in-divorce/?_r=0 However, most fathers in divorce cases don’t usually seek custody, and allow the mother to take custody of the kids lol. That’s not the mothers fault at … More Fathers Not Getting Custody?