Feminist blogger recording her thoughts on current social issues relating to food, health, and feminism. My name is Leslie, I currently volunteer at a feminist bookstore/activist center and hold a Bachelors degree in English along with a Global Media Communication Minor. I am avidly seeking everyday to break from the social constraints of a capitalist culture by advocating environmental sustainability, being health conscious, and not limiting oneself to the stereotypical gender roles still imposed by today’s society. My goal is for this blog to be informative and mentally engaging in order to promote a more conscious society. 🙂 Enjoy!

New version fem



And if there’s nothing else to like, maybe you guys will like my adorable cute doggie Apollo.


Email:                leslie.blanco@fiusm.com           

Instagram:         leylalightss

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dear, it’s very off-topic but I came here to give you props for the “comment battle” you fought against some moron on youtube!

    You had great, well-written points undermined with clear evidence.

    And thanks to that, I found your blog and will now check in more often.

    Best regards


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