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life is a journey blog post

The Emotionally Empathic Millennial


Do you ever feel inadequate? Misunderstood? Judged?


                 Do you have trouble forgiving others? Do you feel everything and anything all                 

                                                                                         at once?

     The voices in your head screaming with uncertainty, constantly feeling attacked,                   unappreciated, targeted, ect?

                       Recalling people that have called you dumb and  stupid, who misjudged you                               because you were different from them and it made them

                                                    feel uncomfortable.                                                    

  They couldn’t stand your light so they turned away in darkness,

         plotting to take you down. 

 Trying to provoke even a single drop of darkness to pierce your light.

Not only have I experienced this in my own life but it interferes with every aspect of my life. People don’t realize how much hurt their words can cause…how much damage, emptiness, pain, and self destructive habits their hurtful words can cause. EMOTION BLOG POST

The fear that males in public look at me as a sexual object and a birth giver solely instead of as a productive member of society, instead of as an equal, instead of as someone worthy of respect. The looks and stares are sexual.

 Being judged by other women.


It’s hard to be a woman. To have both men and women judge you. Calling you stupid and crazy. Making comments about your clothes (a cardigan and blue dress as I recall), it wasn’t unheard of for people to come into work in dresses showing off their bare legs. Many do so consistently, it’s only when the small dark-haired girl with brown eyes did so, did they take notice and have issue with it.

Calling you angry and crazy when you’re only trying to defend yourself. Calling you stupid and you have no option but to just sit there and take it.


They’re wrong. So wrong.


We’re motivated, hungry for learning, hungry to have a place in this world. We won’t take it personally.


Society is backwards. But will you give up?

anxiety blog post

I certainly won’t.


      All of these emotions brewing within me like a storm.

And yet…I realize that it is I that is the storm. I am the storm.

                      brewing storm

Will you give up?


Will you give in?


Will you allow the demonizing thoughts of others manifest?

                                           LOVE AND HOPE BLOG POST


I  don’t have anything to prove to anyone except to God/Jesus himself. He loves me and I know what he thinks of me.


I had a meeting today. 


When I left the meeting today I felt terrible, drained, and inadequate. But once again,


I won’t give up, I won’t give in.


Will you be guided by God or by your own chaotic thoughts? What can mere people do to you? 

Do they rule you? 

Or does God rule you? 


Will you let god guide you?

Will you let him be your divine counselor?

Your divine Savior?


I know I will.

cross blog post

Love & Blessings,

Leslie Angela Blanco


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