Pro Choice or Pro Convenience? 64% of abortions are forced or coerced–usually by male partners or relatives

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After reading the novel, Men Explain Things to Me”, by Rebecca Solnit which I found funny and sarcastic and yet so truthful and gut wrenching– I was surprised to learn about many things I had not known prior. I am not reserved in my opinions but I also always go by facts and evidence before spewing said opinions or statements. Theres nothing more faulty and misleading than someone speaking of something that they know little to nothing about–spewing ignorance essentially.

However what I’ve learned as of late that shook me to my core and made me wonder about this still very patriarchal centered world we live in is that women who are pregnant, 20% of them die  at the hands of their spouses, exes, and male partners. Mostly the ones that impregnated them in the first place. This is so terrifying and scary because we are so pro choice right? The woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, but what about the woman’s right to choose to have a child? What about the woman’s right to choose to have her unborn son or daughter or twins/ triplets/ect. With the power of choice women have a right to choose to keep them the same way they have a choice to get rid of them. Theres nothing worst to me in domestic cases apart from domestic violence is when a man tries to force a woman to an abortion or tries to murder her himself. This does happen more often than not and the fact that its the leading cause of death amongst pregnant women is unbelievable and horrifying.

We still need feminism, we still need our voices to be heard and to have power and agency transcend societal norms or traditions. That includes the right to our bodies. Our husbands or boyfriends don’t own our bodies or control what we do with it. Misogyny and bigotry and a man’s entitlement to a woman’s body & desire to control and over power a woman’s right to choose is so real and affects millions of women in the Western World still to this day. 64% of abortions are against the mother’s will and are forced by boyfriends, spouses, families, parents, ect. Outside influences pressure women all the time–when can they have their own voice? Their own agency? Their own right to choose? And this is why I am a feminist and why we all still need to keep fighting for equality on all fronts. This is a human rights issue, its your issues, it’s your daughter’s , your mother’s, your best friend, your aunt, your lover, ect. Respect yourself and those around you, with all of the things going on in the world we need to try to do our part to make it more equal and inclusive. We are all in this together. Raising awareness and accepting the problem is our first step.

We should also have a discussion about pro choice amongst mothers who want to keep their unborn babies. Or does pro-choice only matter when  the woman chooses to have an abortion. Pro choice means exactly that—choice and that includes the right to keep your child.

I also think that if men don’t want children or don’t want to father children, they should be in control of their reproductive health and take advantage of their reproductive rights. There are things called condoms, vasectomies, and they are even coming up with a male birth control pill (finally it’s about time). The best way to prevent a pregnancy would be to partake in abstinence (we tell girls all the time to do this). Take responsibility for yourself and don’t blame others or force or punish others for a mistake you partaked in. Men have a choice in their reproductive rights. Pro-choice also extends to women having the right to keep their unborn children. 


Update 1/2/2020: Reproductive Coercion is becoming more widespread and is not well known or spoken about in the media today. Be careful ladies! Coercion and men forcing abortions on women is not uncommon nor is forcing sexual acts via threats and violence. Ladies, my hope is for you all to have the strength to report the coercion or leave that person. It has lifelong consequences and forcing a murder of an unborn child shouldn’t be taken lightly. See link here for more explanation  –>  this is much bigger than we all realize. Trafficking, forcing abortions, rape, and murder are all intertwined. Ladies, please please be very fucking careful!!!

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