Disturbing Eating Habits


Nothing irks me more than putting your health at risk as well as the health of others and the planet. I’ve come to the conclusion since about four years ago (I was 20) that I wanted to live sustainably and that I didn’t want to contribute to the capitalist society that is this culture in America that can destroy my health and others. I live in Florida, and soon to be New York but I just hope that my beliefs can easily transition over to the over populated city that I will soon be living in and the city that I would like to call my home.

A documentary that I recently watched that helped me with my beliefs and enabled me to take steps further to solidify how I can help myself, others, and the planet without being too far off or idealistic was the 2010 documentary called 2012: Time For Change by Daniel Pinchbeck. I became so wrapped up into the documentary that I told my family, friends and anyone who would listen to stop consuming fast food and chemical infested food until it annoyed them. I know I can’t save and change the world over night but little steps and education do make a big difference.

Fast food places I try to avoid like the plague. Places such as Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, heck even Taco Bell. I know its inevitable for people who cannot afford organic food or who don’t have the resources to grow their own food to eat at these places. However, it still breaks my heart that many of the people consuming these fast foods and chemical infested foods are usually the poor and working class. They cannot afford to dine in at a restaurant where you usually spend anywhere from 10-20 dollars per meal . They cannot afford organic food or probably have limited knowledge of where to buy food at farmers markets. Their children I feel the worst for because they are starting life off with compromising their health. The obesity in the United States is real, and I don’t blame the people–I blame the corporations and the little options these people have when it comes to their food. No one asked to be born into a lower class family and it is simply unfair.

Instead of these multi million dollar corporations such as Mcdonalds and Burger King investing in endangering America and America’s youth with their cancer inducing food they can invest in programs to help educate the youth about healthy eating habits. Heck, they can even change their menu so that it can be appetizing but not as toxic and health endangering. They can also invest in obese youth getting into programs that can help them learn about their eating habits, and contributing by proving healthy food and exercise regimens as well as therapy. What manifests physically, I’ve learned first starts off energetically. More than likely it is psychological that someone is overeating or obese–they are probably struggling in some way or another and turn to food for comfort or out of sheer boredom.

My main problem with this current capitalist society that goes hand in hand with the food industry is : greed. Your money can contribute to great things for the world but instead you choose to endanger the health of so many people in the United States with these fast food chains, and the chemicals that are put into our food. We have an epidemic of obese youth and never before in history was this the case. It’s disheartening and sickening that individuals would rather compromise the lives of others for a quick buck and that even though money can help make the word more aware, educated, and better for others even greed always takes precedence. It doesn’t have to be this way, so I ask anyone reading to please open up your eyes and don’t contribute to these monster corporations that do more harm than good to people and the planet. I am not talking about fast food exclusively, it can be any corporation or company that does more harm than good for others.

Save your money in a more sustainable manner and lets help make this planet more health conscious. Money doesn’t have to make you greedy, selfish, and toxic to yourself or others–money can actually help and it starts with being self aware.’ Don’t waste your money at places that don’t care about you or others–they only care about their multimillion dollar paper and will compromise the health of the whole of society if that’s what it takes. Any action helps really but I do believe it starts with us and is up to us, the consumers, first and foremost.

Taking Action:

1.      You can also start at this website http://foodmyths.org/actions/protect-our-kids-   and-help-shut-down-happymeal-com/.  I am not sponsored in any way for posting this but this is basically how to take action on Mcdonalds marketing ploys towards youths that can contribute to obesity.

2.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hitRUroOf0 

Also, watching this documentary as well made me want to take action to help in any way that I can and I hope we can all make a difference and reduce obesity in America for both adults and youth. Don’t fall for temptations that compromise your health. You owe it to yourself and the planet.

3. Lastly, Peta is way ahead of me and you can help stop Mcdonalds cruelty now by signing this petition. They also have further information on the corporation that is Mcdonalds and what ethical or unethical practices they use. https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1696

4. Send letters or contact your congressman or woman or state senator and let them know how you feel about putting our disadvantaged youth at risk with these foods. They deserve to be educated on healthy eating and should have programs in place to help them get the food that they need. 

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