Girls Can’t Skate, Right?

Featuring Gabriela Schumann and her friend who are beginners and yet seem to nail the sport effortlessly. This is a prelude to my next article about women in Sports and the huge disparity and sexism that goes with it. As a young 24-year-old woman myself,  I found that I also want to pursue skate boarding and to try it out ! There is a stigma when it comes to females doing “male sports” and many think that girls can’t do it and many are even discouraged from trying it out–even by their own parents. It is largely due to skate boarding being perceived by society to be solely a masculine sport reserved only for boys. I actually went to a skate park just last weekend and witnessed a mother telling her 7-year-old daughter who was eagerly riding her scooter around the skate park that its not for her (her brother was skating in the park as well) and forced her to leave the skate park and allowed her son to remain. My friend and I (both females) watched and were a little infuriated at the  behavior of the mother–only reinforced by a stereotypical patriarchal society. I will elaborate further on this topic in my next blog where I will post some footage and pictures of us skating and a commentary to go with it. Girls can do the same sports as boys and it should be encouraged, and not stigmatized. Girls can do anything they set their mind to, and I will join the fight every day for gender equality (Emma Watson’s activism came to mind :)). So take up those boards girls! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and don’t get stunted by other people’s opinions–society needs to progress one way or another.

2 thoughts on “Girls Can’t Skate, Right?

    1. It is still prevalent in the media, on ads, in movies, magazines, ect. And I don’t think it is really necessary anymore. Men also get objectified but not to the extent that women do. I’m sure we can think of more creative ways to express something other than using a woman’s body.


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