Update: Apologies for the lack of Content Recently

These past few months I’ve been struggling with my last semester of college, completing assignments, scrambling for hours and days to finish “perfect” papers, and negotiating/fighting with our financial aid department for the extra charges added to my account, because I will be graduating with 2 degrees, a minor and 2 certificates so I am being charged double (somehow this means I am being punished for continuing to pursue my education). However I am getting this straightened out as soon as I can. I’ve also been traveling, I just got back from New York and will be going to Canada next month so I’m extremely excited about that. Taking trips is like a refresher and rejuvinater for me to start anew and figure what I need to focus on and while on this trip, my creative juices started to flow and I have alot in store for what’s next as far as my content here on femmeappetite goes. I recommend everyone to travel alone–male or female, it really gives you perspective and clarity.  I have quite a few posts in the works already, and I am more than excited to start posting new content within the next few weeks. Bear with me and please be on the look out for new updates. Thank you new subscribers, your patience and support is always appreciated<3. If you want me to cover certain topics, please leave me comments below. Feminism, health, food, and the next generation of girls living in this country and the world are what is most important to me. I am only 24 but I don’t think I’m too young or too old to start voicing my activism, my concerns, knowledge , and beliefs with you all. Thank you for at least reading what I have to say, even if you do not agree. Starting conversation and intelligent discourse is all that I want to bring to light with this blog. Despite these challenges this last semester, I am so close to finishing and I have alot of support from my family, friends, and professors, and I feel very grateful.

Update **: Everything went well, financial aid took care of my charges and  I will be graduating debt-free this summer with my 2 degrees, minor and 2 certificates.

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