Holistic Lifestyles: Tea for your Mind

 ***The tea farmers above grow organic tea leaves based in China and are in perfect harmony with their environment, living off the land as well as cultivating it. We need to give recognition and proper support to tea farmers everywhere, view their album The Li Family: Tea Farmers.***

I’ve started this regimen almost three years ago in order to be the healthiest and best version of myself. I’m sure we all have tried all sorts of ways to lead healthier and more productive lives. Incorporating teas into one’s diet is essential–especially if you’re anxiety prone and in need of moments of down time like yours truly.

Realistically, the stress of school, work, and even minute things such as waiting in a long line, traffic, ect. all take a toll on our minds and bodies. Drinking tea, I find is not only is beneficial for the body processes, but also for the mind. It is a more holistic alternative to help with racing thoughts, anxiety, and depression.  Tea is also cheaper than therapy and pharmaceutical over the counter medication.

That being said, not all teas are created equal. Teas such as green, black, and white all contain some level of caffeine, which people who are sensitive to stimulants should be mindful of. According to a source that sells organic teas, black tea contains the highest amount of caffeine followed by green, and then white tea. Consuming caffeine if you have anxiety can actually exacerbate your symptoms, and take it from someone who knows–drinking that Ethiopian cup of joe from Starbucks was not a good idea. However, despite caffeine amounts being nowhere near as much as much as coffee, they should still be taken into consideration.

Although I drink organic teas regularly, I was gifted an assortment of teas by my brother recently to add to my collection. This is a particularly new brand and I was intrigued by –it’s called Your Tea (click for website page).  The ingredients are derived straight from the Fujian Province in China, and according to their page they state:

“Our teas are picked and packed during the seasons that are most suitable to creating the perfect drop of tea. We create modern tea blends using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.”

They started reaching popularity via instagram in 2013 with their detox challenge but something that caught my attention was the unique ingredients within the teas. I found it interesting because the company had teas for basically anything and everything. The teas that I used consisted of names such as happy, energy, sleep, skin magic, hangover, and antioxidant tea. Very clever brand for using these names because in general –tea is good for all of the above .

 What I gained clarity on in my journey of consuming many different types of teas along the way are that the teas that helped to calm me the most with my racing thoughts, and anxiety were green tea, chamomile, and happy tea. Happy Tea is apart of Your Tea. 

Happy tea contains unique and colorful ingredients to make you look and feel more vibrant. It contains chrysanthemum which is an anti-inflammatory that reduces skin conditions such as acne and boils, aids in the digestion of oily food and restrains the growth of some bacteria’s in the body. Hawthorne fruit is also another interesting ingredient which improves cardiovascular health and aids in expelling excess sodium from the body. These lovely ingredients did make me a bit happy for the time being consuming them. I would drink this particular tea at any time of the day.m_56193f586ba9e67b8c014852

Green tea is a must during times of much needed concentration and focus –it helped to boost my mood and helped to calm my nerves as I was working on an assignment or paper (I have so many of those!). Organic green tea has a high antioxidant content overall and contains L- theanine. L-theanine promotes alpha waves in the brain linked to relaxation which is good to counteract the small amounts of caffeine. This was a perfect brew to drink while I was working on homework or reading a good novel.index

Last but not least, chamomile was my favorite brewed tea to use in treating my racing thoughts and anxiety. Chamomile is an herbal tea and contains no caffeine. It is best consumed around nighttime to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Even after one cup of consuming the tea, I felt relaxed—the benefits overall of consuming chamomile is remarkable.The-Many-Benefits-of-Chamomile-Tea

Chamomile is a mild sedative and harbors the ability to relieve insomnia, is a nerve relaxant, and eases muscle tension. It also boosts the immune system , contains anti-inflammatory agents which help the skin to keep its elasticity and firmness.  Chamomile tea also contains potent antioxidants. So much goodness packed into one tea! I would drink chamomile mostly at night time to help me sleep or to put me in a relaxing mood right before bed and the affects were profound and very helpful overall.

All three of these teas which i consume regularly and at different times definitely shed light on my perception of health and the natural processes of your body and the way that it can heal itself.

I’ve found that with consuming these teas regularly I was calmer, able to focus more easily, and was able to slow down at my leisure without worrying so much about to do lists and to actually do what was required. I also found that I was able to eat more consciously and resisted eating more than satisfied. Tea also cleanses out your system and the internal organs which enables them to function better and expel out toxins; this explains why I felt like I had more energy.

There is no magic pill or aid to cure anxiety or depression or any ailment completely, however there are foods and ingredients that can aid in promoting the body’s natural healing processes and rhythms. The body heals itself naturally and these nutritional foods or drinks can only aid the body in doing so. That is why it is so important to love your body and your mind and to take care of it regularly.

We live in a world filled with mental stimulants–its no wonder why anxiety is one of the most common illnesses in the U.S. We also live in a country where fast and processed food is prominent. It’s important we stay awake into these issues and contribute to creating a socially responsible and conscious world starting with ourselves and then extending out to others.

Once again, if you’re looking to temporarily relieve your anxiety symptoms, depression, or racing thoughts I recommend consuming tea as a safer alternative to sleeping pills or anti-anxiety medication. This isn’t a quick fix for anxiety or depression but it can definitely help to temporarily relieve the symptoms and going the natural route at least in this column is better than consuming ingredients that contain unpronounceable ingredients unbeknownst to us consumers. I would also recommend buying organic and from companies that highly support their farmers and their environment. Enjoy your tea and stay calm, sustainable, healthy, and happy!

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